I graduated from Syracuse University in 1988, with dual degrees in journalism and English, and promptly moved to Los Angeles, where I got a job as a beat reporter for a community newspaper. Before long I got sucked into the vortex of the entertainment industry, and I wrote for TV Guide, The Hollywood Reporter, and other entertainment publications.

Let's see. Now, I live in Kansas, where I write mainly for children and teens, but occasionally for adults as well. I've written about forty books, both fiction and non-fiction, and have more underway.

Iím a member of Heartland Writers for Kids and Teens, a group of childrenís writers who live in the Kansas City area. Check out the website to learn more about us: www.heartlandwriters.com. Iím also a member of NETWO (Northeast Texas Writers Organization). I donít live in Texas, but this group puts on a fabulous annual conference, so joining was a good idea. Check them out at: www.netwo.org.


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